Welcome to Aerovision Academy


Aerovision Aviation and Hospitality Private Limited was started by Mr. Devendra Ghule and Mr. Sambhaji Pawar with the intention of providing a much needed training platform for young students wanting to take up a career in “Aviation” as well as “Travel and Tourism”. Both Mr. Ghule and Mr. Pawar have been classmates from College of Engineering Pune.
Mr. Devendra Ghule is an veteran in the travel industry with around 30 years experience managing a IATA Travel Agency. Mr. Sambhaji Pawar is a retired General Manager (Foundry) from TATA Motors, Pune. Both realized that not only Pune or Maharashtra but the entire Western India region lacks an IATA approved Aviation Training Center. For this reason they decided to setup such an Institute with the best possible tie-ups. After a lot of fact finding, Speedwings Aviation Academy Kochi was identified as the best IATA aviation training Institute in India and thought that it would be the ideal choice for having a tie-up with.
Ultimately they succeeded in convincing Mr. Biji Eapen, the Founder Chairperson of Speedwings Aviation Academy, Kochi (est. 1993) and signing the mutual agreement. This further started the process of arranging finances, identifying the ideal location for the institute and getting it furnished, obtaining the IATA approval and finally opening the institute on 10th of October, 2018.