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Basic Course in Tour Manager

The purpose of this course is to acquire a basic knowledge about the profession of tour escorting/tour manager and interpretation. Getting familiar with the techniques and approaches for successful on field operation of a group tour.

Tours: What is tour? Types of tours. Escorted Tours

Tour Escorting: Concept, Why, What, How?

Role and Responsibilities of Tour Manager- Tour Managers Code of Conduct.

Personal hygiene and grooming checklist.

How to develop tour escorting skills.

Communication for tour escort-Language –Posture and Presentation.

Roadblocks in Communication-Speaking faults-Body language for speaking.

Tour commentary-Composition and Contents -Microphone Technique-Sense of Humour.

How to deal with awkward questions ,Apology and Pausing.

Linking commentary with what is to be seen.

Dealing with Emergencies- Accidents, Law and Order, Theft, Loss of documents.

First Aid: Importance-General Procedures-Evaluation of Situation.

Complaint Handling.

Classroom presentations, Youtube clips, Role Play, Demo, Exercise for voice and pronunciation development.

Rs. 16000/-

23.02.19 onward, every Saturdays 2:00 to 5:00pm and Sundays 8:00 to 11:00am (7 weekends)

Any graduate, Age no bar